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CBE Bookstore advances CBE’s mission to affirm and promote the biblical truth that all believers—regardless of gender, ethnicity or class—must exercise their God-given gifts with equal authority and equal responsibility in church, home, and world.

Featuring hundreds of resources vetted by our reviewers, CBE Bookstore is your source for the best egalitarian books available. Topics range from theology and Bible translation to marriage, abuse, social justice, and everything in between.

Criteria for CBE Books

CBE books have been evaluated by our team of reviewers to ensure they align with CBE’s mission and vision. All are chosen based on agreement with CBE’s statement of faith and core values, whether or not the author has expressed agreement elsewhere or in other venues. By including a book, CBE is not endorsing the entire body of work by an author, the author, or the organization or denomination they may represent. If you would like to see the criteria our reviewers use, please read about Reviewing Books for CBE.

Reviewing Books for CBE

If you’d like to join the team that reviews books for CBE’s bookstore, you must:

  1. Support CBE’s Mission and Values.
  2. Have read at least one book that outlines CBE’s theology regarding the biblical truth that all believers—without regard to gender, ethnicity, or class—must exercise their God-given gifts with equal authority and equal responsibility in church, home, and world.
  3. Complete a Book Review Application Form.

When these steps are complete, a reviewer will be accepted on a trial basis.

Submitting Books for CBE Bookstore

Have you written a book that you think would be an asset to the CBE community? Please review the Reviewing Books for CBE page to find criteria for inclusion in CBE Bookstore. If it meets the review guidelines, please contact us to send review copies.

Privacy Statement

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CBE's Courses

Answers to Common
Questions about Women
& the Church

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain God’s original design for men and women.
  • Give answers to common questions about women’s leadership in the home, church, and workplace.
  • Discover God’s freeing plan for marriage.

Women and
the Bible

Learning Outcomes

  • Define biblical mutuality and why it matters
  • Discover what the Bible really says on the topic of women leaders, prophets, and evangelists, through Old and New Testament history
  • Explain how the lack of mutuality hinders current and future God-following ezers
  • Give a New Creation perspective on the topic of women leaders in the Church

Women in Scripture
and Mission

Christian history is full of remarkable women. Here we highlight women in the Old Testament, New Testament and in mission since the early days of the church through to the twenty-first century.  Some of them are complicated, where there is much to say.  Others are only barely remembered, and yet their story is worth knowing.  They were created in God’s image as a strong rescue, and through the power of the Holy Spirit they prophecy, heal, preach, teach, create, lead, fight, nurture, protect, and disciple others.  All-in-all, they provide the church with a window into how women are an integral part of God’s story.