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Susan Howell, EdD, is professor of psychology at Campbellsville University, where she teaches classes in gender, development, and the integration of psychology with faith. Susan has written for CBE publications, professional journals, and several devotional magazines.

Susan and her husband Dwayne have volunteered with CBE, effortlessly leading community workshops, writing journal articles and strategizing an “egalitarian climate-change” at Campbellsville University—where they serve. The Howell’s established a CBE Lecture Series at Campbellsvile that holds annual lectures and chapel addresses by known leaders of biblical gender equality. Susan and Dwayne also helped establish a CBE chapter on campus. The impact of their egalitarian advocacy resulted in a bold and costly challenge to the forceful tide of complementarians in their culture and the Kentucky Baptist Convention, an event that made rapid news in Baptist circles and beyond.

The Howells continue to mentor young people, encouraging them to use their gifts despite their age, gender or ethnicity. They bring students to CBE events and have developed courses and lectures that explore the biblical and psychological data on biblical gender equality, topics on which they have also published widely. In 2017, CBE celebrated the Howells' work by awarding them a Lifetime Achievement Award.

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