Alvera Mickelsen

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Alvera Mickelsen was a founder of CBE, and she was CBE’s first board chair in 1997. She worked with grassroots CBE chapters, and served for years as a CBE board member. A gifted teacher, writer, and editor, Alvera authored accessible books that remain bestsellers not only in CBE’s community, but around the world.

Disturbed by the shallow reading of Scripture used by many Christians to marginalize women’s gifts, Alvera frequently wrote for and edited CBE publications, and spoke at CBE events and those of her denomination—the Baptist General Conference.

A key visionary within CBE and a tough debater, Alvera was intensely gracious to all she engaged. She was a sought-after mentor for younger egalitarians, writers, scholars, and leaders. She was in constant contact with her students, and served as a faithful guide to many aspiring movers and shakers.

Alvera was a people’s theologian, bending her enormous talents toward fanning into flames God’s gifts and call in everyone’s lives. And, she was enormously successful because she was far more interested in seeing everyone become an advocate for biblical justice than she was in her own success or reputation. She had no need to do it all herself. Her holy self-disinterest was wildly empowering.

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