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June 07, 2006 - June 07, 2006
Dr. Mimi Haddad presented "The Apostle Paul: Male Supremacist or Pioneering Feminist?" to Christians for Biblical Equality. 
July 29, 2005 - July 31, 2005
Dr. Mimi Haddad presented "Paul and the Leadership of Women: Irreconcilable or Inextricable?" at the CBE 2005 Conference. 
July 29, 2005 - July 31, 2005
The conference explored what the Bible says about women and men ministering together in our homes and churches, and about how biblical equality is making a difference in other contexts around the world. Recordings now available!
March 26, 2005 - March 26, 2005
Dr. Mimi Haddad presented "An Assessment of the Nature of Women Throughout Church History: Three Interpretations of Scripture" at the CBE San Diego Chapter. 
September 03, 2004 - September 05, 2004
Christians for Biblical Equality was joined Men, Women and God, and WATCH in England for a Symposium on Biblical Scholarship and Gender. Recordings now available!
September 03, 2004 - September 05, 2004
Dr. Mimi Haddad presented "Wild-Hearted Women: A Survey of Women Leaders in the Church" at the CBE 2004 Conference. 
July 08, 2003 - July 10, 2003
The conference featured speakers that brought to life a biblical basis for ministry rooted in God’s gifting, rather than gender, class or race. Recordings now available!
September 27, 2002 - September 29, 2002
The conference addressed marriage from a biblical perspective – but presented a viewpoint that is strikingly different from many Christian beliefs. 
June 22, 2001 - June 24, 2001
October 27, 2000 - October 29, 2000
The conference called “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Marriages” was held October 27-29, 2000 in Minneapolis and was dedicated to a biblical basis for mutual submission in marriage.