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July 26, 2013 - July 28, 2013
Mimi Haddad presented "Take Every Thought Captive to Christ: Ideas Have Consequences" at the CBE International Conference 2013.
February 22, 2013 - February 23, 2013
Mimi Haddad presented "The Elephant in the Sanctuary: Does our Position on Male Authority Help or Hinder Gender Justice?" at the Justice Conference in Philadelphia.
July 20, 2012 - July 22, 2012
Christians for Biblical Equality and Ekklesia Community for Advocacy and Peace Initiative (ECAPI) presented "Equal to Serve: Gender and Authentic Biblical Leadership" on July 20-22, 2012 in Limuru, Kenya. Christian leaders, scholars, and activists from all over the world conducted sessions about gender, leadership, justice, and what it means to be the body of Christ. The conference was a huge success! Purchase recordings from this conference at CBE Bookstore. To view photos from the event, visit us on Facebook. Read conference reflections from CBE president, Mimi Haddad: Part 1 and Part 2.
April 27, 2012 - April 28, 2012
"A New Creation. A New Tradition" was hosted by the Houston chapter of CBE.  Purchase recordings from this conference at CBE Bookstore.
February 24, 2012 - February 24, 2012
Mimi Haddad presented "Gender and Justice: What Every Christian Should Consider" at the Justice Conference. 
July 31, 2011 - July 31, 2011
Dr. Mimi Haddad presented "Our Mission is Centered in Christ" as the Homily message at CBE's 2011 International Conference.
July 29, 2011 - July 31, 2011
CBE hosted "Building Biblical Community: Transforming Sex, Power, and Prejudice," on July 29-31, 2011. Christian scholars and leaders delivered four general sessions, conducted twenty workshops, and participated in panel discussions on gender, leadership, justice, and what it means to be a biblical body of Christ. Purchase recordings from this conference at CBE Bookstore.
September 25, 2010 - September 25, 2010
The CBE Greater Chicago Chapter and Christians for Biblical Equality presented, "Women and Christian History: Building on a Legacy," a unique one-day conference in Lombard, Illinois on September 25, 2010. This conference explored the biblical and historical evidence for women in ministry since the beginning of the church. 
June 11, 2010 - June 14, 2010
CBE’s 2010 conference, "Better Together," was hosted by the CBE Melbourne chapter and took place in Melbourne, Australia on June 11-14, 2010. The conference presented Christian perspectives on gender, ethnicity, biblical justice, and servant leadership. Purchase recordings from this conference at CBE Bookstore. Visit CBE Melbourne Chapter's website for more information on conference speakers. Read more about the conference on The CBE Scroll and The Age.
June 11, 2010 - June 14, 2010
Dr. Mimi Haddad presented "A Passion for the Cross: How Early Evangelicals Challenged Ethnic and Gender Prejudice" at the CBE 2010 Conference. To order conference recordings, visit www.cbe.org.au.