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Interdisciplinary Egalitarianism Spring 2020 Volume 34 Number 2

The tradition of women raising the eucharistic cup is witnessed from the late 100s to the mid-500s, including evidence from the three oldest surviving iconographic artifacts that depict early Christians in real churches.

Photo of Lillian Trasher surrounded by children at her orphanage

Lillian Trasher aimed to serve “the least of these” (Matt. 25:40). Her orphanage in Egypt took in abandoned children with physical disabilities and illnesses as well as vulnerable widows.

Priscilla Papers, Volume 33, Summer 2019

Maria Woodworth Etter, known both as the Trance Evangelist and the Mother of the Pentecostal movement, lived and preached in an era when women were required to be silent in church and submit to their husbands.

old black and white photos

Why does history matter? And in the context of Women’s History Month in particular, why does women’s history matter?

close up of person reading the bible

In a world where the lines between truth and fiction have become blurred, it is more important than ever that we treat our theology and our faith with the utmost respect. That means learning about and from women, using gender-accurate language, and remembering the legacy of faithful men and women. This is not fake news, but good news.


Women in God’s Mission, from cover to cover, is a descriptive narrative which very closely follows Lederleitner’s own life-long experience in missionary leadership. Lederleitner also shares the thoughts and stories of women born and reared in approximately thirty countries from around the world. They are presently “serving and leading in many types of ministry,” which Lederleitner describes as “influencing others towards God’s purpose in the world.” 

A Salvation Army sign on a building.

Not many people realize that the Salvation Army is a denomination as well as a charity. From its small start, the Salvation Army has grown to a membership of 1.7 million people and counting. It could be called one of history’s most successful egalitarian church plants. Church planters and leaders would be wise to learn from its example.

Woman reading bible to her daughter.

Women were planting and leading churches right alongside Paul and Timothy. No matter the obstacles, they haven’t stopped.


Veronica Mary Rolf renders Julian’s writings accessible to the lay person and academic alike by offering sociological and historical context for Julian's writing as well as devotional prompts.


We will get acquainted with the application of the texts addressed in the plenary in current situations. Is the theme still topical? What are the urgent questions emerged in the texts dealing with the condition of women in the church? What about our responses? 

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