Unit 8: Resource and Teaching Materials


As the church strives to create an inclusive and supportive ministry environment for women, it is crucial to ensure that every aspect of the church’s daily operations aligns with this noble intention. Neglecting to do so may result in individuals, who trust the church’s biblical vision, eventually recognizing inconsistencies or perceiving hypocrisy.

This unit’s reading material, “The Subtle Hazing of Women in Ministry,” effectively captures the common challenges faced by women ministers and volunteers. Author Jill Richardson observes that it is often not blatant prejudice that discourages women, but rather the accumulation of countless small things that demoralize them and undermine their ministry. Implicit and pervasive male-oriented assumptions can be observed in various areas such as Christian education curricula, learning materials, public talks, private conversations, and more. Recognizing and acknowledging these subtle manifestations of bias within our communities is a significant and necessary step towards achieving equality for women.

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Unit 8: Resource and Teaching Materials

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