Unit 7: Culture of Work and Family


In your own family or among the families you know, do household chores and the responsibility of ensuring they are completed fall evenly on both male and female family members? Have your experiences in the workplace shown equal expectations and demands for unpaid work from both women and men?

This unit begins with a thought-provoking article by Rachel Asproth titled “4 Jobs Women Are Expected to Do without Pay, and How to Balance the Labor Scale.” As the title suggests, Asproth offers insightful observations on these phenomena and provides practical guidance to cultivate a community where individuals are not burdened with unreasonable expectations based on their gender-associated “natural responsibilities.”

Having explored the underlying assumptions regarding women and men within work and family cultures, the REFLECT section will direct your attention towards your church communities. Not only does the church already possess its own work and family culture, but it is also entrusted with the calling to transform this culture in the power of gospel. Let us embark on this transformative journey towards a more inclusive and guided by God’s righteousness.

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Unit 7: Culture of Work and Family

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