Unit 4: Church Leadership


What makes a person a competent and experienced leader? Many would agree that it requires significant opportunities for learning and development to cultivate leadership skills. However, when examining the leadership training and educational opportunities provided by a church to its members, we may once again observe an imbalance between women and men.

As you delve into this unit, be sure not to overlook the valuable insights and constructive advice put forth by Bev Murrill in her article titled “Womentoring.” She presents practical steps for women, men, and the church to empower women as leaders. The REFLECT and EXPLORE sections will draw your attention to the intricacies involved in recruiting, electing, or ordaining leaders within your communities.

Over time, by making intentional choices to enhance opportunities and resources for women to learn and grow as leaders, we can foster a faith community where both women and men can equally share responsibility and leadership.

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Unit 4: Church Leadership

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