Unit 2: History and Healing


Could Christians, those entrusted with God’s truth and called to witness the gospel, become complicit in the suffering of women and girls? This striking proposition may be hard to accept, yet as church historian Dr. Mimi Haddad suggests, entrenched patriarchy within Christian churches has facilitated systemic disadvantages for women and girls globally.

In the REFLECT section, we invite introspection on the influences your church may have absorbed. These influences could include historical church patriarchy, purity culture, sexual abuse or harassment within your community or the broader Christian sphere, or a failure to provide a safe environment for everyone, particularly women and children. The EXPLORE section brings forward perspectives on supporting women within the church setting and approaches church leaders can take to address domestic gender-based violence.

Through this unit, it is our sincere hope to foster reconciliation and healing from the damage caused by misguided perceptions of women and men within your faith communities.

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Unit 2: History and Healing

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