Unit 10: Ministry Activities

In the final unit of our evaluation, we will now turn our attention to the aspect of ministry activities. Ministry activities serve as a primary means for a church to extend its service to its neighbors and nurture the younger generations. Therefore, it is essential to consider the messages about women and men conveyed through these activities and the formative impact they have on the people they aim to serve.

In his enlightening article, “Will Boys Be Boys and Girls Be Girls?”, David M. Csinos emphasizes that Christian theology provides a firm foundation for equality and mutuality between women and men. Furthermore, credible social sciences have demonstrated that cultural norms regarding women and men are constructed and always subject to change. The REFLECT questions and the EXPLORE materials, which cover a range of topics including the notion of modesty, domestic violence, rape culture, and biblical sexual ethics, will equip you with knowledge and insights to challenge and dismantle harmful stereotypes of women and men within various ministry contexts.

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Unit 10: Ministry Activities

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