MSL Women’s Leadership Luncheon: The Spiritual and Social Impact of the Early Evangelicals

Date: -

Location: 901 S Flagler Dr. West Palm Beach FL

Dr. Mimi Haddad will give a lecture titled "The Spiritual and Social impact of the Early Evangelicals" as part of the MacArthur School of Leadership (MSL) at Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA). Specific date to be determined.

This lecture will consider the spiritual priorities of Christians who dismantled slavery, liberated women as preachers, leaders and activists, and worked to give women the vote. Prioritizing conversion, activism (in word and deed), a belief that God speaks through Scripture, and a near obsession with the cross as remaking all believers in the image of Christ, the early evangelicals led a social justice movement that changed the world. Giving examples from the lives of many of their leaders, this conversation will end with table discussions for deeper engagement.

This lecture is part of a luncheon and is only open to students at PBA.