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#MeToo & the Church: The Impact of Women’s Leadership

March 31, 2020

*This event is temporarily cancelled because of COVID-19.
Please check back later for updates on rescheduling.*

Palm Beach Atlantic University MacArthur School of Leadership is hosting a women's leadership luncheon where Mimi will give a lecture titled, "#MeToo and the Church: The Impact of Women's Leadership." This lecture will take place March 31 on Palm Beach Atlantic University's campus in West Palm Beach, FL.  

Mimi will explore the prevalence of patriarchy globally and within the church, as it fosters women’s marginalization, drives humanitarian challenges, and #MeToo consequences. We will also examine research that shows how adding women to leadership teams lowers immoral practices, raises productivity, and elevates the priorities of girls and women. Ending with the example of Katherine Bushnell (1855–1946)—a physician, missionary, Bible translator, and anti-trafficking activist—the conversation will evaluate her driving motives, biblically, spiritually, and socially. 

This event is not open to the public.