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"Let's Put Women In Their Place.... RIGHT BESIDE MEN!" CBE offers this white western male both conviction and healing. Despite having been discipled by various women as a part of Jesus People USA, I still battle my own deep-rooted gender bias. I sorely need the biblical acumen, spiritual discernment, and loving correction my sisters and brothers at CBE represent. CBE's ministry has meant much to me in both my marriage and my ministry, offering valuable resources online, in their Priscilla Papers journal, and in various books, conferences, and papers. I firmly believe CBE's biblical and revolutionary message can only become more central in this twenty-first century.
CBE is, has been, and will remain a powerful tool in the hands of God to promote equality between men and women at all levels of life. The loving God longs for and demands justice and equal horizontal relationships that contribute to better human relationships. The abuse of power, undermining the dignity and denigration of his image and likeness impregnated in every woman and man afflict and sadden his heart to the point that it can’t be paralyzed or altered but instead is driven to intervene in aid of those who suffer violence and discrimination. (Psalm 103:6). Therefore I support the excellent and influential ministry of CBE!
The ministry of CBE is absolutely crucial to the body of Christ since it champions the cause of biblical equality around the world. This is no small task; it attempts to carry forward the supreme redemptive act of Jesus into the social fabric of our broken and hurting world.
Christians for Biblical Equality offers Christians a tremendous opportunity to learn to live together more faithfully as God's people. From its inception, CBE has worked effectively and tirelessly to articulate God's passion in restoring the fullness of the biblical witness regarding gender relations within the body of Christ.