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Organizations are stronger and most effective when men and women lead and work together. I appreciate the work that CBE does in providing a perspective on gender equality that is theological, academic, and historical. I also love their vision to impact countries around the world to work through this issue in culturally respectful ways. As I partner with CBE in promoting leadership development of women, I am grateful to Mimi and her team for seeking to discover practical ways to respond to the needs they encounter. 
With the challenges of the gospel before it, the church needs to deploy all of its resources, male and female, to proclaim and live out the good news. CBE challenges the church to include its gifted and godly women of the church in all aspects of the gospel ministry.
Over the years of friendship with CBE, I am convinced that CBE is more than an organization. It is a community of vibrant and biblically committed people pursuing a path of equality among men and women in the Church and thus equipping and empowering the Church of Jesus Christ across the world.
Three reasons why I am a member and enthusiastic supporter of CBE are: (1) the trajectory of biblical theology is clearly in the direction of full equality for women and men; (2) the emphasis of CBE is as much on godly living for women and men personally and in the home as on freedom to serve in the church; (3) the burden of CBE leadership is for international as well as national ministry.  I have been a member of CBE from its inception, and because this ministry is biblical, balanced and global I will continue to support CBE through prayer, finances and word-of-mouth.
The gospel declares that Jesus Christ lived and died for all of us—men and women, boys and girls. Sadly, male dominance in both ancient and modern cultures has led many churches to conform to the sin of sexism. God’s call leads to ministries based upon our gifts, not our race, social class or gender. Christians for Biblical Equality affirms the equal calling of Christian women and men who are gifted by God for Christian service in all forms of ministry.  Led by the Holy Spirit, women oppressed by culture are empowered to take up their God-given calling and follow Christ wherever God leads. Thanks be to God for the blessing of CBE!
Ron Sider
CBE is solidly biblical and urgently needed. One of the major failures of evangelicalism is the widespread neglect or opposition to full dignity and equality for women. CBE offers a thoroughly evangelical, desperately needed corrective. My wife Arbutus and I have been members of CBE for years because we believe that Jesus was an "evangelical feminist" and everybody should follow in his footsteps. CBE is doing a great job articulating a solidly biblical understanding of the full dignity and equality of women.
Through Christians for Biblical Equality I am able to join with the worldwide body of Christ, in a partnership where all believers, without regard to gender, ethnicity or class can stand together in unity and proclaim Jesus as Lord.  Christ’s call to kingdom ministry compels me to share in the mission of CBE to work for equality and justice, envisioning a future in which all believers can use their gifts for God’s glory and for the fulfillment of God’s purposes.  
As a teacher of undergraduates at at Christian university, I have found CBE's programs, conferences, and resources to be of vital help to evangelical students of all ages. CBE's brochure and its statement on biblical equality are always available on our gender studies bulletin board, and I am constantly replenishing the supply! This testifies to the continuing need for such an organization, and the interest and hope that it generates among Christian students who are struggling to understand their calling as women and men in the work of God's kingdom.
Your great task is very much needed in today's situation. Any serious student who studies the creation account could hardly be mistaken of gender theology. God created man and woman in His own image, and their nobility and equality is so explicitly signified that we should  never disregard.  Paul the apostle makes clear explanations not only in Gal. 3:28 but also in I Cor. 12 that the divine sovereignty in distribution of spiritual gifts without distinction of gender, race and culture. Some conservative Christians are still very slow to accept, therefore CBE has a great ministry to help. I am sincerely declaring that you have my full support without any reservation and hesitation whatsoever.
"Let's Put Women In Their Place.... RIGHT BESIDE MEN!" CBE offers this white western male both conviction and healing. Despite having been discipled by various women as a part of Jesus People USA, I still battle my own deep-rooted gender bias. I sorely need the biblical acumen, spiritual discernment, and loving correction my sisters and brothers at CBE represent. CBE's ministry has meant much to me in both my marriage and my ministry, offering valuable resources online, in their Priscilla Papers journal, and in various books, conferences, and papers. I firmly believe CBE's biblical and revolutionary message can only become more central in this twenty-first century.