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CBE is a gift to evangelical women and men world-wide who wonder about or already have an egalitarian vision of leading and serving as the Body of Christ. No where else can you find such a treasure of resources that provide elegantly clear, grace-filled and scholarly understandings of the inclusion of both genders in the full range of kingdom responsibilities. From the biblical to the practical with conferences and books/media CBE helps us re-imagine a different world where we are free indeed.
Everywhere I go I find thinking Christians who are wrestling with the issues of gender equality in ministry and in the home. Many are uncertain and are not able to verbalize their thoughts just as we were. CBE helped my wife and I put our legitimate questions on the table, examine them in light of Scripture, and gave us confidence to articulate them better. Through the resources CBE offers, we discovered we were not the only teachers of the Bible looking for answers with integrity. Our journey through the gender question has not been easy, yet it has improved our marriage and ministry as well as our intimacy with Christ. CBE has played a significant role in our journey and we support this work wholeheartedly, having been privileged to help both men and women discover more of their gifting as they work together in the Kingdom.
Having shared with six others the responsibility of drafting the original manifesto for the Christians for Biblical Equality, I stand firmly committed to the same. I believe that most, if not all of the restrictions on women in society have no basis in Scripture; and that those maintained in the Church are based on an inadequate interpretation of a few restrictive passages which put them in contradiction with the manifest special concern and love of God for women articulated from Genesis to Revelation. I do believe that in the eschaton all the redeemed will endorse biblical equality, since all of them will together constitute the bride of Christ.
Roger E Olson
As someone who has experienced the wonderful pastoral leadership of two women in two successive evangelical churches, I know experientially what I have always found in Scripture—that women and men are equally called and gifted by God for Christian ministry. I heartily appreciate and endorse the ministry of Christians for Biblical Equality and hope that its ministry will help to free both women and men from the bondage of cultural accommodation to hierarchical male domination in churches and families.
Before there was CBE I, by the grace of God, was given the privilege to be brought up in a home with parents who daily lived out Biblical Equality.  Before CBE, when Carol and I were married, we based our marriage on what we believed to be the principles of Biblical Equality.  When, for a time, I was a member of the CBE board, I was convinced that CBE was called to a mission for teaching and promoting Biblical Equality for ‘Such a Time as This.’
My contact with CBE is an answered prayer. God has given me people whom I can journey with in my calling. Biblical equality between men and women is really the heart of the Christian message. It has been very refreshing to read the works and be in contact with people who work for Biblical equality. The work of CBE is a great support to my ministry.
CBE is the single most valuable resource for study and teaching materials on the subject of the biblical equality of all persons. I encourage every Christian — women and men — to discover the liberating and redemption-based truths of who they are in Christ. The CBE resources open the Scripture's revelation of God's loving and eternal plan for his human creation.
As a minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, I believe in equal to serve because both men and women are equal in the sight of God. I highly endorse CBE because this is what CBE stands for. 
Grounded in the word of God, Christians for Biblical Equality is spreading the good news about equality in Christ for all believers, and stands tall for our liberty in the gospel. Sexism and racism in the church dishonor our Lord, and hinder the spreak of his Kingdom. CBE exists to fight these evils in our very midst, and bring light and truth to this ongoing struggle. They deserve the prayeful support of every Christian.
I am delighted to endorse the irenic, insightful, and biblically sound message of Christians for Biblical Equality. It encourages a wide constituency with academically solid and spiritually uplifting messages through its outstanding publications and conferences. Its e-zine Arise is consistently fresh and practical. Priscilla Papers addresses challenging issues with original research and exegetical insight. Its leadership from its beginning has exemplified Christ-likeness, humility and a zeal for the truth. Christians for Biblical Equality is a movement full of joy, delight in the freeing message of the Bible, and love for Christ and the church.