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I heartily commend the organization, leadership and work that CBE does. Confessionally, they are orthodox, hold to the absolute authority and total truthfulness of the Bible, practice sincere Christian love in legitimate differences between Christians and have brought Scriptural hope and affirmation to countless women who have been burdened by an unnecessarily restrictive view of women’s ministries in the church. Furthermore, CBE has contributed significantly to strengthening heterosexual marriages and families, as well as addressing marital abuse and unjust gender and ethnic discrimination. Their leadership and members are effectively involved in orthodox evangelical scholarship at the highest levels and sponsor both publications and conferences that are of exceptional quality.
glenn kaiser
CBE represents accurately much of my own view of gender with regard to Christian leadership and service—which I believe is inclusive rather than exclusive. I keep asking those who disagree to quote any New Testament texts that speak of spiritual gifts linked directly to gender. No one has, because there are none. If the Holy Spirit doesn't pour out gifts of service to the church in gender-specified terms, how can we maintain in good conscience, a gender-discriminatory view?!
So many of my friends are women whom God has called, but they face hostility in some sectors of the church because of their gender . . . and sometimes the very sectors of the church where they would have most hoped their call to be biblically affirmed. CBE provides a ministry where they can nurture their call among other believers who affirm Scripture's authority and also support their calling. I am grateful for the many people CBE has encouraged and equipped for ministry, and pray for God's continued blessings on it.
I believe the body of Christ in the 21st century has a very important role in liberating her members from false and misinterpretation of the word of God regarding gender equality. I endorse and support the efforts of CBE in advocating and dealing with gender injustices based on solid biblical truths.
Christian for Biblical Equality heralds a new approach to ecclesiastical and doctrinal priorities and inclusiveness in understanding biblical hermeneutics and its relevance to contemporary church and society. Its mission cuts across denominational and cultural spheres. Biblical narratives and ethos are herein presented and articulated in a manner that superimposes our deeper indebtedness to biblical truth and its demands. The issue of gender and equality has been with us since time immemorial, however, it has never been deemed fit for much consideration as a fundamental biblical and theological challenge that would warrant our considerable effort for engagement. Reading from the CBE literature, one comes across well researched and inspired reflections touching on the mundane matters of life in our world today. The proliferation of liberal thoughts has come with its own portion of challenges to Christian values, and I see CBE coming forth with tangible measures to counter them. The fact that CBE’s presence is now felt across the globe with almost every continent having a stake, I would recommend every Christian-based institution and organization lend its support to it as part of its mission’s obligation.
Christians for Biblical Equality has helped greatly to fill gaps in my education. The egalitarian perspective was not represented at all in the exegesis, theology or history classes I took in college and seminary. Now I see biblical equality not simply as an exegetical option, but as a biblical imperative.
Kari Torjesen Malcolm
Kari was a founding member of CBE International. Kari passed to the presence of the Lord on October 2, 2014.
The ministry of Jesus portrayed that Jesus had a special place in His heart for women.  He even welcomed ministry from women. However, religion and cultural beliefs have eroded this. I am a strong believer that a regenerated woman is a daughter of God and a co-heir with Christ.  Christian for Biblical Equality is here to bring it out clear that gender should not be a hindrance to ministry.
Increasing numbers of us feel a call to model reconciliation in Christ across old boundaries of discrimination. We believe that the Bible sets us on this journey, and that quoting select verses to maintain those boundaries is a well-intentioned mistake. CBE has been an encouragement to us all, and I am grateful for their important, needed work.
CBE's message on equality between men and women is Christ-centered and brings out the true picture of God's design and intention in creation. It's the truth of the Bible and has the potential to transform cultures around the world to rediscover and respect the worth of all human beings regardless of gender.