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The Apostle Paul speaks of the Kingdom of God in terms of justice, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit, which is what Christians for Biblical Equality embodies. What more is there to say?
CBE is an organization that, without strident voice, is pursuing a path toward equality among men and women in the Christian church, where the Spirit’s giftedness for ministry is understood to precede matters of gender, and where husbands and wives are encouraged through mutual servanthood to work together to make their marriages as Christian as possible.
Richard Foster
I applaud the good work of CBE and its commitment to a biblical equality under God for all men and women.
For all of the progress in the area of equality in our time, much work remains to do done in the Christian community across the theological spectrum in order to turn the truth of biblical equality into a lived reality in the life and witness of the church. Over the years, CBE has been at the forefront of this vital work and continues to provide and promote outstanding resources, events, and networks that bear faithful, vibrant, and life changing witness to the full equality that women and men share in both the blessings and the ministry of the Gospel.
Christians for Biblical Equality, with scriptural conviction and grace, challenges the church to affirm the full participation of men and women in ministry. CBE gives voice to those who suffer injustice in families, in society, and in the church. Every emerging generation needs to hear and live out the radical and profound message of that in Christ gender, class, and ethnic barriers are removed. I wholeheartedly support the work of this organization. CBE is a gift.  
[CBE] is making a difference in our world by its careful research and sober declaration of the truths and implications of the equality of all persons: created in the image of God, redeemed by the work of Christ, and empowered for ministry by the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
I am so thankful for the ministry of Christians for Biblical Equality. Their message is in step with the Holy Spirit's agenda, even though their efforts to bring reformation to the church are sometimes ignored or opposed. I am honored to be a part of this history-changing movement.
Stanley Grenz
Christians for Biblical Equality unabashedly proclaims the scriptural truth: God calls us all—both men and women—to practice mutuality in all our relationships, whether in the church, in society, or in marriage. CBE has assisted countless people in becoming the mutually-supportive disciples Christ wants us all to be.
If the body of Christ is going to complete the Great Commission in our generation it will only be possible when both men and women use their God-given gifts to serve the needy and minister his grace. I commend CBE's ministry, championing women and men to be and do all that God has designed for them. Together, by the empowering of the Holy Spirit, we can see God's forever dream made a reality.
I am very enthusiastic about the growing and dynamic ministry of CBE both in this country and internationally. Through its publications, networking and conferences, CBE meets a very real need to encourage and equip both women and men with solid biblical and theological foundations for Christian ministry and life. I am grateful for the strategic role CBE plays in affirming the gifts and callings of women of faith.