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Tony Campolo
Christians for Biblical Equality is evangelical and progressive. It is a scripturally-based movement that understands that in Christ women have full rights to use their God given gifts for service to the church and to the world. I'm grateful that this organization exists. Its work is needed.
President Jimmy Carter
Thank you and best wishes to . . . CBE. I do endorse this work.
CBE provides an amazing witness in the life of our world today with regard to what the Christian faith is all about. It promotes true liberation for all of God's children through a bold proclamation of the good news about God's love in Jesus Christ and embodies a holistic vision for all people. It seeks to empower God's children and build them up in their faith so that they will be ambassadors of love in our broken world. In its mission and vision, CBE is both thoroughly grounded in the biblical witness and sensitive to the contextual dynamics of our world. In CBE you will encounter genuine Christianity; rooted in Christ, loving in spirit, prophetic in vision.
It is amazing how half of the Christian church is prevented from ministry because there has been a reductionist theology which limits a woman’s role in the light of one or two texts of Scripture rather than taking cognition of the whole of Scripture. [CBE] encourages people to be thoroughly biblical in their reflections and in working out how to minister so that we can indeed enable all people to be involved in the grand task that God has given to every one of us to take the gospel to the whole world.
CBE’s affirmation of women and men in ministry/leadership is making a significant contribution to teaching on Biblical Equality.
Bishop Moses Deng
It is quite clear to me that the God we worship values men and women equally, and if we do not do the same, then we are making a shameful mistake. A church that ignores the talents and abilities God gives to women is like a person who tries to ride a bicycle with only one wheel. I firmly believe that we should make the best use of everyone's skills and talents regardless of gender. This is why I am so pleased that CBE exists, not only to show the way forward but to help us to get there too. This is valuable work.
I love, support and receive nurturance from the Christians for Biblical Equality organization. The CBE conferences, Pricilla Papers, books and resources feed me: Academically/Professionally – with partners in ministry and resources for my teaching       Spiritually – with great models for spiritual leadership Affectively – with writings and speakers that speak to my heart and keep me attuned to current thought, research and literature on Biblical equality Personally – with rich and lasting friendships
Before coming into contact with CBE through their website and subsequently attending one of their conferences, I already believed in full equality of women and men before God. However, I badly needed biblical and intellectual backing to my convictions, to convince others that this is God’s intent for gender relations. Enter CBE, and my whole world changed; God had answered my prayer through the CBE’s website’s resources and books. Today, thanks to CBE, I am confident in airing my convictions anywhere as a born-again, Spirit-filled African Christian Woman without fear or favor. CBE has done great work for the cause of achieving gender reconciliation and I pray it lives on to see the fruit of its godly and worthwhile labor. Thank you, CBE.
The Apostle Paul speaks of the Kingdom of God in terms of justice, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit, which is what Christians for Biblical Equality embodies. What more is there to say?
CBE is an organization that, without strident voice, is pursuing a path toward equality among men and women in the Christian church, where the Spirit’s giftedness for ministry is understood to precede matters of gender, and where husbands and wives are encouraged through mutual servanthood to work together to make their marriages as Christian as possible.