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The time for women to lead is now. Not five years from now, not ten, but now.  Women "get" new millennial culture because they're wired for it. They're wired for the chaotic, the connective, and the collaborative. It's what they do, and what they have done for centuries.  When the old ways of organizing and influencing aren't working anymore, it is nothing less than kingdom sabotage to keep women on the bench. Squandering women's gifts is also counter-Scriptural.  The reality is, God wired women with such amazing abilities because they were meant to be used.  That is Bible 101. Now, thanks to the women and men at Christians for Biblical Equality, we can finally peel back centuries of misinterpretation and see it.  CBE's loving and arduous work - opening the full counsel of Scripture regarding women within the informed context of faith and history - has built a new foundation of hope and possibility for the Church. For any organism to function optimally, its whole body must be engaged. If there were ever a time the Church needed to function - and function at its best - that time is now.  Thanks, CBE, for freeing women to impact a waiting world.