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Where Needed Most

Happy Anniversary to CBE! During 2017’s Year of Jubilee, CBE will make ALL digital issues of Priscilla Papers and Mutuality free on our web site, including the most recent content. Celebrate 30 years of award-winning scholarship that explores the Bible’s call for women and men to share authority equally in service and leadership.

Declaring the Good News of Biblical Gender Equality Far and Wide

CBE’s impact is expanding across the world as we respond to requests for CBE resources in new languages and in new communities.

  • In 2015, CBE made all translations of Still Side by Side free on our website.
  • We recently established a partnership with the Publish4All (P4A) global network of Christian printers, sharing 22 different resources for free download. With P4A, CBE is printing and distributing nearly 5,000 books to African ministry partners in 2016!  
  • In 2017, all current, cutting-edge Priscilla Papers and Mutuality content will be accessible free on our website!

How You Can Help CBE Celebrate

  1. Without membership fees, CBE’s budget will be short $34,000. Please donate to the research, writing, and production of two quarterly journals (Priscilla Papers and Mutuality) in 2017. $130 will fund one page of our journal from start to finish.
  2. Help spread the word by sharing articles far and wide—post your favorite articles to social media, email or text links to friends and family, and put article links in your church bulletin/website.

The Year of Jubilee means that no renewal membership fees will be charged in 2017. Any membership that is current as of January 1, 2017 will be extended one full year. Members who have paid for printed journal copies will continue to receive them. Organizational memberships and subscriptions are not affected by the Year of Jubilee and will continue as always.