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 "Created to Thrive" Speakers

CBE International's 2019 conference theme is "Created to Thrive: Mutuality, Power, and Identity."

CBE's lineup of speakers includes pastors, authors, professors, and social justice advocates from around the world!

Keynote Speakers

Shane Claiborne

Shane Claiborne is a prominent speaker, activist, and best-selling author. Shane worked with Mother Teresa in Calcutta, and founded The Simple Way in Philadelphia. He heads up Red Letter Christians, a movement of folks who are committed to living "as if Jesus meant the things he said." Shane’s books include Jesus for President, Red Letter Revolution, Common Prayer, Follow Me to Freedom, Jesus, Bombs and Ice Cream, Becoming the Answer to Our Prayers, Executing Grace, his classic The Irresistible Revolution, and his newest book, Beating Guns (2019, forthcoming).

Havilah Dharamraj

Keynote Title: Revisiting Eden: Genesis 2 as a Description "from Below" of the Creation Story

Havilah Dharamraj is the academic dean and the head of the department of Old Testament at the South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS), in Bangalore, India. She completed her doctoral studies from the University of Durham, UK, in the area of narrative theology. She writes for both academia and the church, and rejoices in the (almost) unrestricted use of her gifts for the Kingdom of God.

Lisa Sharon Harper

Keynote Title: The Very Good News for Women for Such a Time as This?
Workshop Title: Faith-Rooted Organizing

From Ferguson to New York, and from Germany to South Africa to Australia, Lisa Sharon Harper leads trainings that increase clergy and community leaders’ capacity to organize people of faith toward a just world. A prolific speaker, writer, and activist, Harper is the founder and president of FreedomRoad.us, a consulting group dedicated to shrinking the narrative gap in our nation by designing forums and experiences that bring common understanding, common commitment, and common action.

Eugene Hung

Keynote Title: Leading Your Church's Response to #MeToo and #ChurchToo
Workshop Title: What's a Man to Do?

A Dallas Seminary grad, Eugene pastored churches for twelve years before working as an advocate for women's rights in the nonprofit and higher education sectors. He speaks at colleges and conferences, and is a recurring guest on Southern California Public Radio. He authors the top Google ranked "Asian dad blog" and has written for CBE's MutualityHuffpost, and Sojourners.

Emily Onyango

Keynote Title: Working Towards Mutuality as a Mark of Christian Identity: A Case of the Work of the African Church For Biblical Equality (AFCBE)
Workshop Title: The Challenge of the Resurgence of Negative Aspects of African Cultural Practices Among Christians in Kenya

Emily Onyango is a priest in the Anglican Church of Kenya. She currently works at St. Paul’s University as a senior lecturer, and teaches in the area of ecclesiastical studies, history, and gender studies. Through ACFBE (African Church for Bible Equality), she is involved in producing training material and doing advocacy work in the areas of gender and biblical equality both in the church and wider society.


Workshop Speakers

Sarah Ago

Workshop Title: Introduction to Egalitarian Marriage

Sarah is a lead pastor at Hillside Covenant Church in Walnut Creek, CA. Sarah graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary with an MA in family life education. She serves on the CBE board and the Committee on Ministerial Standing for the Pacific Southwest Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Sarah is in the process of forming a non-profit to support a safe house for exploited women and at-risk children in Southeast Asia.

Linda Lee Smith Barkman

Workshop Title: Who’s Talking & Who’s Listening: Using Muted Group Theory to Enhance Interactions Between Churches and Marginalized Women

Linda Lee Smith Barkman holds a PhD in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary and is passionate about advocating for women, especially incarcerated women. Linda served thirty years in a California prison as a result of a case involving domestic violence. She earned her BS in psychology and most of her MA in theology while incarcerated.

Beth Birmingham

Workshop Title: Women in Leadership: A Business and Biblical Rationale

Dr. Beth Birmingham is a lover of Jesus! She has served him for over twenty-five years in both Christian academia and NGO leadership roles. Her sweet spot is developing kingdom leaders. Much of her research and writing has focused on kingdom collaboration, men and women together. She holds an MBA in international economic development from Eastern University and a PhD in leadership and change from Antioch University.

Jodi Chung

Workshop Title: Egalitarian Parenting: A Strengths-based vs. Gender-based Model

Rev. Jodi Chung holds a MDiv from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and has been in fulltime ministry since 2006. She speaks at retreats and conferences and is the mother of three children adopted from Henan, China.

Michael Chung

Workshop Title: Egalitarian Parenting: Egalitarian Parenting: A Strengths-based vs. Gender-based Model

Dr. Michael Chung holds a PhD in New Testament from the University of Nottingham and has served with CRU, pastoral ministry and served as a missionary in Asia. He has published articles in three continents—North America, Asia, and Europe—and has authored three books.

Jeannette Cochran

Workshop Title: Advancing Women's Leadership through Local Churches and CBE Chapters

Jeannette is executive pastor at Seneca Creek Community Church, a multi-ethnic, Evangelical Free Church, located in Maryland, where she is privileged to shepherd and lead a beautifully diverse staff and congregation. Jeannette is a founding leader of the CBE Chapter of Greater Washington, DC and a new member of the CBE international board. She is a graduate of Regent University where she earned degrees in organizational leadership and management (BS and MA) and practical theology (MA).

Rob Dixon

Workshop Title: Weeping, Submission, and Playing the Lyre: Debunking the Myth of Biblical Masculinity

Dr. Rob Dixon lives in central California with his wife Amy and four kids. As a campus minister with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA, Rob has spent the last twenty-two years helping college students meet Jesus. In addition, Rob holds a PhD in inercultural studies through Fuller Theological Seminary on the topic of flourishing mixed gender ministry partnerships. He is passionate about helping communities of faith embrace a vision for gender equality.

Taffi Dollar

Workshop Title: Who's the Boss?

Taffi Dollar is a world-renowned author, teacher, and conference speaker, who demonstrates a profound love for God and compassion for people. As the wife of Dr. Creflo Dollar, she serves with her husband as co-pastor of World Changers Church International in College Park, Georgia. An anointed vessel of God, Taffi ministers the gospel of Jesus Christ all over the country.

Sandra Glahn

Workshop Title: Artemis of the Ephesians in First-Century Ephesus and Ramifications for How We Read 1 Timothy

Dr. Sandra Glahn is a seminary professor who has written more than twenty books. Her dissertation focused on the identity of Artemis of the Ephesians at the time of the earliest Christians and its possible effect on Paul’s epistles, especially as they relate to women. Dr. Glahn was the general editor of Vindicating the Vixens: Revisiting Sexualized, Vilified, and Marginalized Women of the Bible.

Nell Green

Workshop Title: Advocating for Equality among the Marginalized

Reverend Nell Green has served as a career missionary since 1986 in Senegal, Belgium, and the US. Currently in Houston, TX, she ministers to the needs of refugees, helping with resettlement, education, and  social entrepreneurship. She partners with various agencies to raise awareness about and prevent human trafficking. Rev. Green has a diploma of nursing from the University of TX-Arlington, and an MA in Christian thought from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. She was ordained for ministry by Central Baptist Church in Miami, FL.

Mimi Haddad

Workshop Title: Women in Leadership: A Business and Biblical Rationale

Dr. Mimi Haddad is president of CBE International. She is a graduate of the University of Colorado and Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary (Summa Cum Laude). She holds a PhD in historical theology from the University of Durham, England. Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University awarded Mimi an honorary doctorate of divinity in 2013.

Susan Howell

Workshop Title: Building Confidence in your Calling: Overcoming the Inner Critic. 

Susan Howell, Ed.D. is Professor of Psychology at Campbellsville University in Kentucky where she teaches gender studies and the integration of psychology and faith. Susan is married to Dwayne, has two grown children, and is mother to a very uncooperative beagle, named Doc. 

Sandra Morgan

Workshop Title: Pornography for Profit: The Link to Sex Trafficking

Dr. Morgan directs Vanguard University’s Global Center for Women and Justice. As an educator and nurse, she is recognized globally for her expertise in human trafficking and working to end violence against women. She leads the annual Ensure Justice conference that brings together diverse groups for strategic collaboration to build capacity and competency on the frontline against exploitation. Her Ending Human Trafficking podcast is recommended by the National Administration of Youth and Family Services Clearinghouse.

Shirley Mullen

Workshop Title: Women's Leadership at the Highest Level: Plateaus and Pitfalls

Shirley Mullen has spent her life in Christian high education, first in student life, then as a professor of history for over twenty years at Westmont College; and finally as a provost at Westmont College and president of Houghton College.  She is committed to the transformational impact of Christian liberal arts education—and believes it is the best preparation for Christian young people to make an impact.

Annette Oltmans

Workshop Title: Understanding Double Abuse® and Its Consequences

Annette Oltmans is a philanthropist, fervent human rights advocate, and survivor. Annette's personal experience of recovery led to extensive field research into the topics of original and Double Abuse® igniting her passion to educate, equip, and restore those affected by any form of abuse. In 2016, she founded The Mend Project, a non-profit dedicated to preventing and remediating harm from Double Abuse® through training and education. Her writings on the topics of abuse and bullying have been published in AACC, Teen Vogue, OC Register, and other publications.

Jeanne Porter King

Workshop Title: Stronger Together: Strategies for Building Alliances for Women's Leadership

Dr. Jeanne Porter King is the president of the TransPorter Group Inc, a leadership development company that specializes in the training and coaching of women leaders. Dr. Jeanne is an author of six books, including Influence Starts with “I”—A Woman’s Guide for Unleashing the Power of Leading from Within and Effecting Change Around You. Dr. Jeanne also serves as an associate pastor at Christ Community Church outside Chicago, IL, where her husband Dr. Carl E King, Sr. is the senior pastor.

Allison Quient

Workshop Title: Eve as a “Type” of Christ: Reframing Power, Identity & Gender in 1 Timothy 2

Allison Quient is a first year PhD student at the University of Aberdeen studying systematic theology and New Testament. She is the author of "Eve Christology: Embodiment, Gender and Salvation" published by the Canadian-American Theological Review, and "Equating 'Feminisms,'" published by CBE. She holds a ThM from Fuller Seminary in Systematic Theology, an MDiv from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and a BA in Bible and Theology from Biola University.

Mitch Randall

Workshop Title: Theological Malpractice Stands Culpable in Sexual Abuse

Dr. Randall holds a bachelor’s degree from Northeastern State University, an MDiv with biblical languages from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a DMin from George W. Truett Theological Seminary. He is committed to upholding the four fragile freedoms of the Baptist tradition, building ecumenical relationships with other Christians, fostering interfaith partnerships, and fighting for biblical justice for all people. He served as pastor of Northhaven Church in Norman, Oklahoma from 2006-2017.

Ruben Rivera

Workshop Title: Christ Ever Culturally Relevant, Never Culturally Captive: Freeing Christianity from Bias and Cultural Captivity

Ruben Rivera, PhD, is a professor of Christian history and chief diversity officer at Bethel University in Minnesota. Ruben has held seminars in schools, churches, and other venues across the US on biblical responses to the immigration debate, the racialization of the human and beauty, racial reconciliation, gender equity, cultural humility, intergroup dialogue, and more. The Shalom Seminar he created for new employee orientation has been called a new paradigm for engaging Christ-centered diversity efforts.

Eeva Sallinen Simard

Workshop Title: When Women Succeed at Work, Everyone Benefits. Why Don't We Let Them?

Eeva Sallinen Simard is the project director of human capital at World Relief. For the past ten years, she's worked with non-profits, committed to excellence in management and communication, common sense leadership, and the empowerment and training of colleagues, particularly helping women's voices be heard. Eeva holds a MSc in international politics from the University of Helsinki and an MBA from Johns Hopkins University. She lives in Baltimore with her husband, Rene, and two children.

Todd Still

Workshop Title: "Nevertheless, in the Lord..." (1 Cor 11:11): Interdependence in Christ

Todd D. Still serves as The Charles J. and Eleanor McLerran DeLancey Dean and The William M. Hinson Professor of Christian Scriptures in the George W. Truett Theological Seminary of Baylor University. Dr. Still holds a BA from Baylor University, a MDiv from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a PhD from the University of Glasgow. A licensed and ordained Baptist minister, he has the opportunity to preach and teach in many congregational and conference settings and has served in a variety of ministry capacities.

Pastoral Care

Rob Dixon

Dr. Rob Dixon lives in central California with his wife Amy and four kids. As a campus minister with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA, Rob has spent the last twenty-two years helping college students meet Jesus. In addition, Rob holds a PhD in inercultural studies through Fuller Theological Seminary on the topic of flourishing mixed gender ministry partnerships. He is passionate about helping communities of faith embrace a vision for gender equality.

Layla Van Gerpen

Layla Van Gerpen has served with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship for the past eighteen years, where she also serves on InterVarsity’s National Women’s Council. She is passionate about developing leaders, especially around areas of gender and race. As a Japanese, Lebanese daughter of immigrants, Layla grew up with a deep love for hospitality, cross-cultural relationships, and advocacy. Her husband, Daniel, is an artist, and together they raise their two sons, Everett (2) and Grant (7 months) in Fresno, CA.