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Mutuality Writers' Guidelines

Mission: Mutuality is CBE International's magazine. Mutuality's goal is to make egalitarian theology accessible to the non-scholar and to explore its intersection with everyday life.

Readership: Mutuality reaches subscribers from more than 100 denominations and 65 countries around the world. Mutuality serves evangelicals in professional and volunteer ministry, seminary faculty and students, male and female leaders, and lay people interested in egalitarian theory (Bible and theology) and practice (application in churches and homes). All share an interest in gender and the Bible.
Themes and deadlines: Mutuality issues are planned according to topical themes. Non-theme contributions are also accepted, but articles related to a forthcoming theme are more likely to be published. If you’d like to contribute an article on a scheduled theme, you can find the upcoming themes here. Before submitting an article, please use our contact form to submit a query letter summarizing your proposed topic.
Themes and deadlines may be adjusted, so please check the Mutuality webpage or contact the editor for the most current information.
Style guidelines:
  • The length of first-person narratives and feature articles ranges between 800–1,800 words. The length of book, movie, or music reviews ranges between 500–800 words.
  • See The Christian Writer’s Manual of Style and The Chicago Manual of Style for questions of style and usage, such as abbreviations, capitalization, etc.
  • Follow American conventions (instead of British) for spelling and punctuation.
  • Use gender accurate versions of the Bible. Mutuality uses the 2011 NIV as its standard translation. If using another gender accurate version, such as the NRSV, TNIV, NLT, or CEV, please indicate which translation is used. Inclusive language for humanity is expected in all submissions.
  • Please keep in mind Mutuality’s mission to inspire and encourage through personal stories and practical tips. Avoid scholarly language and keep Greek and Hebrew to an absolute minimum.
  • Mutuality prefers in-text citations over footnotes or end notes. Please keep them to a minimum.
  • One of the best ways get a feel for Mutuality's tone and style is to read a sample issue. View a full issue in PDF form here, or visit the Mutuality page and browse our archives.
Please note before submitting your article:
  • We request that any content submitted be in line with CBE’s mission and values as expressed in our Statement of Faith. We value the perspective of authors whose views differ from CBE’s, and therefore we do not require our authors to agree to our statement of faith. However, CBE cannot publish content that does not align with its mission and values.
  • We are unable to consider or respond to authors who send us more than two pieces at a time, whose pieces are substantially over 3,000 words, or whose submissions are not sent uniquely to Mutuality.
  • We assume all articles and reviews submitted are original and unpublished, and submitted exclusively to us. If your material is copyrighted, we assume you are authorizing us to publish it. Unless otherwise indicated, we also assume full reprint permission (in all media including various electronic media) of any item we publish. North American serial rights to the article include electronic rights and posting on CBE’s website. We reserve the right to accept or reject any article submitted.
Submission guidelines:
  • Submit articles as attachments through our contact form. Articles should be Microsoft Word documents.
  • Include a two- or three-sentence description and photograph (high-resolution headshot is preferred) of yourself with your manuscript, along with your address, telephone number, and email address.
  • We attempt to respond to submissions as quickly as possible, but reviewing manuscripts sometimes takes four weeks or more. We appreciate your patience. If we like your article, we may ask to hold it for possible publication in a future issue.
  • The editors reserve the right to edit and shorten articles as necessary. Changes made by the editorial team will be sent to you, the author, for comment and approval.
  • Authors receive 3 extra copies of the issue in which their article appears, as well as their choice between a one-year CBE membership ($49–$59 value) or up to 3 CBE recordings (up to $30 value).
DISCLAIMER: Final selection for all material published in Mutuality is up to the discretion of the editor and CBE executive. Mutuality reserves the right to use or not use any story. All contributions may be edited to maintain policies and positions of CBE and to adjust for clarity, style, or length.
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