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Join a global community of like-minded Christians committed to the Bible's message of gender equality and justice in the home, church, and world by becoming a CBE organizational member or by subscribing to our publications.

To celebrate 30 years of CBE, digital issues of Priscilla Papers and Mutuality are free in 2017! Normally, only members have access to the most recent CBE publications, but we want to spread the Bible’s mandate for gender equality far and wide, so this year everyone is invited to read and share CBE’s most current content. But, no membership fees leaves a budget gap of $34,000. If you can, please support the research, writing, and production of CBE's award-winning journals! 

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CBE Organizational Membership

CBE organizational membership includes cutting-edge resources, including subscriptions to our award-winning publications: Priscilla Papers and Mutuality. It also includes discounts on conference registrations, free resources, and other benefits.

Membership is available to those who support CBE's Statement of Faith.


Print subscriptions to Priscilla Papers and Mutuality are available to both individuals and libraries.

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