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Expanding Multimedia Outreach

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Building a Strong Online Voice to Educate and Advocate for Women’s Equal Partnership.

As the largest portal of egalitarian resources, it is vital that CBE has a strong online presence. We need to use the newest technologies to educate and deliver the message of God’s call for women's biblical equality in more relevant and widely accessible ways.

Expanding the ways CBE delivers the message of mutuality on our website will help us engage more effectively and communicate with new audiences. The next generation and communities worldwide will be empowered to advocate for women’s biblical equality.

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Our podcast, Mutuality Matters, was added to CBE’s online library of free resources. Weekly episodes explore egalitarian theology and its impact. Several hosts take a deep dive into key topics such as the global impact of egalitarian activism, real stories of women and men who lead together, and the intersection of sexism and racism. These conversations are imperative in our current climate.

The annual cost of $26,910 includes equipment, technology, professional support, and the staff to work on this large project.

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Due to the declining biblical literacy among Christians and the consequent lack of awareness of women in Scripture and missions, CBE created weekly Christian radio spots that highlight these women. Their stories provide a window into how women are an integral part of God's work in our world. Our goal is to show that women were created in God's image as a strong rescue, and through the power of the Holy Spirit they prophesy, heal, preach, teach, create, lead, fight, nurture, protect, and disciple others. Listeners are told to visit cbe.today/womenscripture for more information.

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E-Learning Courses

Our e-learning courses will be designed to serve as both an introduction and a starting point for in-depth learning. Accessible through desktop or smartphone, they can be modified to fit one's schedule. The first course explores common questions about women and the church. Future topics will include translation and interpretation, women and men in ministry, and world-changing women through the ages.

The annual cost of $13,250 includes writing, research, and subscription to the Articulate 360 platform to help us create each e-learning course.

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Film Script on Katharine Bushnell

In collaboration with an award-winning film writer and producer, Brandon Dickerson, CBE’s team is preparing for a feature film on the life of Katharine Bushnell—an early evangelical medical missionary, Bible translator, and egalitarian activist.

Brandon just finished sketching Katharine’s miraculous life in preparation for the script.

Here is an excerpt:

“Slowly, the women tell their harrowing stories, revealing the terrible secrets of the lumber camp. Kate gathers the information down in her journal, but it breaks her heart not to take the pleading women with her. She must take the proof to the authorities so ALL the women from ALL the camps might be rescued.”

The cost for the film script is $20,000.

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It is vital that CBE continues to reach people with the transforming message of God’s purpose for women and men to live and lead alongside each other. Please join us in this critical work of reaching people worldwide!

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Thank you for standing alongside us as we advocate for biblical equality, mutuality, and freedom to use our God-given gifts to lead and serve side-by-side.