Church and Organization Memberships

CBE’s church and organization membership program is designed for churches, seminaries, schools, and other organizations committed to biblical gender equality. We welcome church and organization members who support CBE’s Statement of Faith and Core Values.

A CBE membership provides you with publications, books, opportunities to host CBE speakers, and discounted conference registrations that grow egalitarian momentum in your church or organization.

Is your church or organization still exploring biblical gender equality? Consider subscribing to CBE’s journals and receive CBE’s award-winning publications to inspire your church or organization members and staff!

How can my church or organization become a member?

1. Review the options, and pricing below to determine the appropriate membership tier for your church or organization.

2. Choose your method of payment:

  • Online: Click here and select your membership option.
  • Phone: 612-872-6898, Monday–Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST
  • Mail or Fax: Print and complete a Membership Application Form (PDF) and send it to us. You may pay by credit card or check, or request an invoice.

Membership Benefits

Every church and organization member receives:

  • Subscriptions to both Mutuality and Priscilla Papers, CBE's award-winning quarterly publications, including digital access to every issue (see tiered benefits below)
  • 50% off the regular price for CBE conference registration for leaders of your church or organization (see tiered benefits below)
  • Advertising discounts in CBE's publications (see tiered benefits below)
  • A free resource annually for your library or staff. 
  • Prayer support offered from the CBE staff

Membership Options

Church and organization membership options are based on the size of the member organization, and some benefits are tiered accordingly. Please join at the level that reflects the size of your organization.

  • 1-100 people
    • 50% off the regular price for conference registration for 1 leader
    • 1 subscription to Priscilla Papers and Mutuality
    • 15% advertising discount
  • 101-500 people
    • 50% off the regular price for conference registration for 2 leaders
    • 2 subscriptions to Priscilla Papers and Mutuality
    • 20% advertising discount
  • 501-1000 people
    • 50% off the regular price for conference registration for 3 leaders
    • 4 subscriptions to Priscilla Papers and Mutuality
    • 30% advertising discount
  • 1001-2000 people
    • 50% off the regular price for conference registration for 4 leaders
    • 6 subscriptions to Priscilla Papers and Mutuality
    • 40% advertising discount
  • 2001-5000 people
    • 50% off the regular price for conference registration for 5 leaders
    • 8 subscriptions to Priscilla Papers and Mutuality
    • 50% advertising discount
  • 5001+ people
    • 50% off the regular price for conference registration for 6 leaders
    • 10 subscriptions to Priscilla Papers and Mutuality
    • 60% advertising discount


Pricing (in US dollars) is determined by the size of your church or organization:

  • 1-100 people: $66 per year
  • 101-500 people: $105 per year
  • 501-1000 people: $165 per year
  • 1001-2000 people: $259 per year
  • 2001-5000 people: $358 pear year
  • 5001+ people: $462 per year

Would it be beneficial for my college or seminary to join CBE?

Yes! Interest in biblical gender equality has never been higher on college and seminary campuses. A CBE membership builds egalitarian momentum among new and current students, staff, and faculty.

Fuller Seminary, a CBE member, features this video shown at CBE's 2011 conference in Seattle to communicate their full support for women in ministry.

Dr. Paul Chilcote of Asbury Theological Seminary discusses how CBE membership has benefitted his former institution, Ashland Theological Seminary, in this article (PDF).

Can my institution join as an organizational member if our library already subscribes?

If your library already subscribes to our journals, our membership department will take the cost of your subscription off the cost of your church and organization membership.

This discount will apply each year you renew your membership, providing that your subscription remains current. Be sure to list the name of your institution's library on your membership application.

Please note this option is not available for organizations joining at the $60 level.

Contact us for more information or assistance.