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Celebrate a Life Lived for Christ

​Many have had a lasting and significant impact on the wider body of Christ through CBE. Still more have inspired us personally. Honor them by helping to extend CBE’s reach around the world.

CBE Honorees

Tamara Adamus
Elizabeth Vinson Alexander
Jack Ammerman
Jessica Arend
Ruth Baird
Gilbert Bilezikian
Ruth Bolyard
Erika Carney Haub
CBE Staff
Leslie Cornwell
Edward P. Dale
Marie Davidson
Doris Doering
Marcella Jean Dullin
Twila Edwards
Kevin Giles
Martha Giltinan
Rebecca Groothuis
Dik Habermehl
Mimi Haddad
Yvonne Haddad
Dave Hansen
Dorothy Huff
Gretchen Gaebelein Hull
Alan Johnson
Jim and Anna Kedge
John Kohlenberger
Ila Kraft
Catherine Clark Kroeger
Rev. Meg Jenista Kuykendall
Betty Liddle
Dorothy Loloff
Marion and Ernest Longman
Lillian Marchetti
Mason family
Edna Maxwell
Christa McKirland
Christina Mellema
Alvera Mickelsen
Jeanette Mancini Mitchell
Nicole Mittendorff
Thomas Moore
Janet Nordlund
Lorraine Palmore
Virginia Patterson
Dorothy E. Pearson
Lianne Roembke
Sara Robertson
Alec Romulus
Ruth Schabacker
Dorothy Schabacker Huff
Arbutus Sider
Frances Taylor
Edie Tinder
Bill Traester
Kay Uotinen
Carole Villanueva
Mabel Terpstra Daling Visser
Emily Walther
Rhonda Walton
Carole Weimer
Lorma Wiebe
Bethany Williams
Herbert and Tuey Yep
E. Heinz Zimmerman
All the women worldwide who have endured discrimination/abuse because of their gender

Remember a life well lived, or honor an encouraging leader in your life by making a gift to CBE.

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