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CBE’s New Website

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Launch Day Is Coming Soon for CBE’s New Website

Competition Dates
October 17 – 24, 2022

CBE is debuting a new website with a powerful search engine, a translation function equipped with over one hundred languages, and a fresh look that will not disappoint. This website will further spread CBE’s mission across countries, continents, and languages to show how God values women and has called women to be leaders in the home, church, and world. Join us for this exciting new venture by signing up to participate in CBE’s “Called to Action” Website Competition.

Winners will receive free one-year journal subscriptions to Priscilla Papers and Mutuality along with a digital copy of CBE's newest book, Created to Thrive: Cultivating Abuse-Free Communities!

Winning the competition requires locating online information and performing different actions, like signing up for CBE's newsletter and sharing the website and web resources on social media.