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"Thank you, quite literally, for my faith. Without CBE, at this point my very dear husband would be grieving terribly over my loss of faith."
—CBE Member and Donor


"I want to express my deepest respect and appreciation for the ministry of CBE. I first became aware of your organization a dozen years ago and can hardly hold back my emotions when I remember how relieved I was to find you, a group of women and men who believed that God had gifted both male and female to serve him in Christian ministry. Thank you for your voice!

I spent many years serving in the church in function but never in office. I have pondered the gender issue since I was in high school and studied it in college, but CBE finally gave me the assurance that I was not alone in this issue. I have been a sponge, soaking in your articles and reading the many books I found in your resource library. I have shared these with whom I could and prayed that God would use you to help me heal from the many years of feeling frustrated and abandoned by the church. I have found comfort and support in the egalitarian writings, companionship in the conferences I have attended, and encouragement in knowing I am not alone in this issue of gender."
—CBE Donor


"When I was younger, I accepted the complementarian view. I also believed the teacher who told me that women were not as logical as men. Frustrated, I began searching the Bible for answers. I asked my pastor questions about difficult passages. When I asked about gender roles, he responded with our church’s official statement.

I lost all faith in my pastor when he came to 1 Timothy 2:15 in a sermon, saying that it was ‘difficult’ and ‘quite frankly, we don’t know what it means.’ I was furious that he did not care about a passage that can be interpreted to mean that women must have children to receive salvation. I became angry with God, and I came close to losing my faith.

Thankfully, while searching online for answers, I stumbled upon CBE. I became intrigued when I read an article that gave an egalitarian view. As I read more, I was overjoyed to find that many of the articles’ authors had theological degrees. I loved reading their explanations about the tough Biblical passages from which previous pastors in my life had shied away. Now that I have CBE, I am slowly finding my way back to God."
—CBE Member and Intern


Stories and testimonies such as these reinforce the commitment and urgency of all of us working in CBE’s ministry. Even as God so clearly uses CBE to bring healing and restoration, there are many who are daily shamed and wounded by distorted biblical teachings. Each year we come closer to eliminating the patriarchal roots of abuse, inequality, and the marginalization of women in churches, marriages, and beyond.

Advocating for biblical gender equality is an ongoing effort and monthly support helps CBE work most effectively.