Arise Writers' Guidelines


The mission of Arise is to convict, prepare, and then mobilize Christians to intentionally advocate for gender equality in the world. We want to move beyond theory to provide real-life, every day engagement with egalitarian theology.

Content Guidelines:

Content should be consistent with the CBE Statement of Faith and Core Values and clearly relevant to CBE's mission.

Articles should be between 600–900 words in length (longer or shorter posts may be considered or split into multiple parts).

Be respectful. Opposing viewpoints should be addressed graciously and fairly, and authors should avoid criticizing others in a non-constructive manner. Authors should not stereotype others.

Use gender-inclusive language as much as possible. When quoting Scripture, use gender-inclusive translations unless quoting a non-inclusive version for purposes of analysis.

Respect the privacy of others. Do not disclose personal information about others without their permission.

Content should be original and created by the author. Any borrowed or quoted material should be documented as such.

Possible topics:

Commentary/analysis on topics related to gender equality in the church, home, and world.

Commentary on and critique of gender stereotypes and sexism in church, home, and world.

Examination of the influence and impact of patriarchy in culture, theology, or the church.

Personal stories about gender inequality or equality and its impact.

Practical strategies toward gender equality

Reflections on relevant biblical passages or characters.

Reflections on female leadership in past, present, and future.

Analysis of arguments surrounding patriarchy and biblical gender equality.

Reviews of pertinent books, movies, music, etc.

Submissions: To submit posts or to inquire about joining the blog team, contact us

Disclaimer: CBE does not necessarily endorse an author's entire body of work; individual posts are evaluated on their own merits and their agreement with CBE's mission and statement of faith, whether or not the author has expressed agreement elsewhere or in other venues. Contributions will be edited to maintain policies and positions of CBE International and to adjust for clarity, style, or length.


As an Arise blog contributor, you are encouraged to share or publish your work elsewhere and keep any income. By publishing with Arise, you are agreeing to the following with regard to your Material (including your name, picture, title, and short biography):

  • You will not publish or grant permission for others to publish the Material in any context or form that might be injurious or reflect unfavorably on CBE or its publications
  • If you republish or grant permission for others to republish the Material, you will ensure that Arise is cited as the original publisher, and that a link to the original Material on CBE’s website is included.

You grant CBE the following nonexclusive rights, acknowledging you as author:

  • Use your Material in CBE promotions
  • Reuse the Material in other CBE venues/platforms as CBE sees fit, and to change the title of the Material as befits alternate formats or platforms
  • Grant permission to third parties to use your material, given they credit you as the author and link to the original content on CBE’s website
  • Approve foreign-language translation requests