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About Arise

Welcome to Arise!

Arise is the official blog of CBE International. Arise is a platform for writers and readers to exchange, critique, and evaluate ideas related to biblical gender equality and egalitarian theology.

Our mission is to convict, prepare, and then mobilize Christians to advocate for gender equality in the world. We want this platform to move beyond theory to real-life, every day engagement with egalitarian theology. Arise is a calling out—in the hope that action would follow passion.

Arise features both guest authors and content from its team of over thirty volunteer authors. We are always looking for new authors and fresh content.

If you’re interesting in joining the Arise blog team or contributing an article, please review the Arise blog writing guidelines and then contact us to submit an article to Arise or request further information.

The menu on the left provides additional information about the blog and its policies, and about joining the blog team.