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Book Review

In a faith centered on love and inclusion, are single people and their God-given gifts truly being welcomed in our churches?

According to theologian Christina Hitchcock, definitely not. Instead, she argues, American evangelical churches suffer from a fear of single people. They mistakenly view independence and autonomy as the markers of maturity and assume that sex is a necessary component of achieving full humanity. Consequently, the church often sees singleness as a neutral, immature, or even negative state, while marriage is touted as theologically significant. Hitchcock works to

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The Tie That Binds

In The Tie That Binds, the author, Debra White Smith, provides some excellent advice, like respecting each partner’s unique gifts, and focusing on scripture rather than the gender stereotypes of our culture. But she also emphasizes that working for equality is a fallacy, stating instead that our goal should be to serve our spouses (and, of course, Christ).

TNIV Bible

The developers of True Identity: The Bible for Women and Strive: The Bible for Men lost a valuable opportunity. Instead of communicating to young men and women that they are gifted for service to God and joined as partners in that ministry, they reinforce stereotypes of women as focused on marriage and family and men as interested in career and financial security. The extra features also do not take advantage of the additional research invested in the TNIV, incorporating no information or commentary that couldn’t be included with any other translation. While the Bibles’

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The Trinity and Subordinationism

Have you heard the claim that relationships between men and women should image the "eternal subordination" in the Trinity? If so, read this book. With a profound, concise course in Trinitarian theology and hermeneutics, using two case studies to exemplify points, The Trinity & Subordinationism is highly recommended.

Trinity in the Gospel of John

This book is like a walk through a flower show after a long and barren winter. The pace is tranquil, like a tour guide's when pointing out blossom after blossom. As one examines each, one is educated and edified and at the end filled with gratitude at the love of God extended to us.

The Ultimate Blessing

JoAnne Lyon feels the way all of us do sometimes—depressed, bitter, lonely, helpless. But she also remembers what we often forget—that through the pain and frustration of human existence, we are blessed by a transcendent God who loves us and promises to be with us always.

Theorizing Women and Leadership

This latest volume in the International Leadership Association Series considers the leadership of women in multiple positions from multiple theoretical perspectives. The foreword states that the book intends to change “how we think about theorizing women’s leadership.” It proposes that a working theory will create social transformation in developing women leaders and will “restructure organizations to be more equitable and sustainable.” 

In Threads of Wisdom, Caroline Mendez responds to a vacuum that exists for Christian women in business. There is little opportunity for them to engage with other Christian businesswomen about how to use their God-given abilities in the workplace while at the same time giving expression to their faith.

TNIV Study Bible

I recommend highly the Zondervan TNIV Study Bible because it contains a gender-inclusive evangelical text with extensive notes and aids.

Too Heavy a Yoke

Too Heavy A Yoke is an important and accessible resource for understanding the ways in which racism and sexism—both historical and contemporary—impacts the lives of black women. I finished the book with a much better understanding of the historical and contemporary social pressures on constructions of black womanhood. While the book is accessible to a variety of audiences, the meticulous footnotes offer interested readers a variety of further reading on all of the topics Walker-Barnes explores. In addition, Walker-Barnes’ suggestions for healing are both important and useful; this

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