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Where Have All the Chaplains Gone?

On March 26, 2014

How many of us have found ourselves alone in a foreign country, faced with difficult challenges, without anyone with whom to pray or share our hearts? This is the situation many Christians in the armed services face. As our military people encounter one trial after another, they often do so without the help of trained spiritual comforters and counselors. They are often alone spiritually and emotionally, according to an article in a recent issue of Insight, published by the National Association of Evangelicals. The article suggests that the chaplaincy is:

… under significant strain. There is ‘one chaplain for every 518 service members,’ according to Newsweek (May 7, 2007), a ratio deemed appropriate in peacetime, but not for war… To become a chaplain candidate, a person must have a masters or seminary degree and [must] be endorsed by a recognized denomination.

Perhaps we should consider deploying the chaplains who have been turned away because of their gender! God has gifted, called and trained hundreds of godly women as chaplains. They are compassionate. They are strong Christians. And, they are ready to serve the broken-hearted. But because of gender, and through a deficient reading of Scripture, some denominations have withdrawn female chaplains from places of fruitful, kingdom service. This is a tragedy when you consider how many individuals are longing for spiritual help. It must truly break God’s heart. It certainly breaks my heart, too.

Will you pray for those denominations that have yet to release women for service in the kingdom? Will you also join hands with CBE, as we work to bring the good news to so many?

Hope you will join us in Denver this summer, for our 10th international conference!

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