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Two Days' Worth of Comments

On June 29, 2011

Arriving at church on Sunday, we decided to sit next to a couple we know rather than our usual seats at the front. We explained that although we preferred sitting near the front, we would join them just this once. The wife then said “Yes, I like sitting at the front too but my husband doesn’t so I just follow the leader” I suggested they could take turns at sitting where they preferred but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

During the sermon, the pastor made reference to statistics which say that women use far more words in a day than men and this was received with great laughter. This from a guy who would say he is egalitarian and is steadily working towards having women elders; the church already has had some women preachers over the last couple of years.

In the afternoon, we went for a walk on the beach with a friend of ours, a ‘single again’ guy. We noticed a family enjoying a remote control jeep tearing across the sand and over some small dunes. “Wow, I said” I would love one of those, so maybe I could have one for my birthday” (only joking as they cost heaps) Our friend couldn’t help commenting. “You are strange, Liz. Most women wouldn’t want to do that”  As always with this particular guy, I remonstrated that how would he know what ‘most women’ would want anyway, but he was not convinced.

The next day we were driving to the forest to collect firewood and listening to a radio interview with a recently retired Chief Justice. As one of the few women judges in Australia, she was recounting the subtle discrimination she endured over many years. She was never openly harassed but was often ignored  when promotions were coming up and even her opinions were not considered in discussions of important mattersamong her colleagues. Thankfully, by the time she retired, things had improved somewhat.

After that, the news came on with an item about a married woman in Dubai who was accused of committing adultery because she was raped! Even though the legal authorities were looking into the accusations, the fact still remains that this woman was seen to be the offender.

I have often thought of writing down all gender biased comments etc. during one  week, but it could get very time-consuming! Do others find the same volume of statements and instances in their weekly activities ?





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