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Strong Egalitarian Support at Cornerstone!

On March 28, 2014

We’ve just returned from the Cornerstone Fest—a three-day art, music and contemporary issues conference hosted by Jesus People USA. Each summer, thousands drive to the cornfields of Illinois to camp and enjoy some of the most cutting-edge artists and thinkers in the evangelical world. Since 2002, CBE has been part of this incredible adventure! This summer was no exception. From 9 am through 6 pm, CBE staff joined other prominent egalitarians to host eight sessions on many topics related to biblical equality and gender justice.

Yet, this year was different. People came to the CBE lectures and forums to cheer us on rather than to debate whether the bible supports shared leadership between men and women. This is exactly the experience we encountered at Urbana this past December. Many young Christians seem no longer tentative or antagonistic to CBE’s message. Rather, they seem excited and eager to join in! Here are a few examples.

As I was spoke on Paul’s support for women in ministry, one young woman had a very focused look on her face. I was not sure whether she seemed pleased or perturbed by my perspective. When given an opportunity to speak she said, "This is exactly what I see in the Bible! Can you come to my church and give this lecture?"

During our lectures on women in church history, another woman was seen taking pages of notes, and afterwards she walked briskly to our book table and asked, "How do I get started?"

These and other experiences from the recent Cornerstone Fest seem to reflect the growing success of the egalitarian effort! And, we have friends like you to thank. Your prayers and financial support helped make it possible for thousands around the world to learn of their freedom in Christ to use their gifts for God’s glory.

Thank you so much for your fellowship, for your prayers and for your financial support. We are indeed grateful.

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