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A Simple Word of Thanks

On October 17, 2007

So many of you have thanked us for our weekly newsletter, Arise. In fact, almost every week we receive comments from the CBE community expressing appreciation for our work! Do you realize how rare it is to receive so many words of thanks? Research suggests that very few people actually take the time to thank those who serve them!

This month is clergy appreciation month. As such, it is an opportunity for us to thank those who have helped build us up in Christ. If there are those who have inspired you spiritually, why not take the opportunity to thank them this week?

Why not also send thanks to those who have inspired you as egalitarians? Perhaps there is someone in your life who has lived courageously, out of their giftedness, or has boldly rejected unbiblical teachings that limit women’s service in the church. Perhaps there is someone who encourages you to remain patient and to pray for change in your church or denomination. Your pastor, Bible study leader, or elder may be taking small steps to include the voices and gifts of women. If so, why not send him/her a note of thanks? Because thankfulness is too uncommon these days, there is all the more reason to be the one to lift the spirits of those who serve us so faithfully.

A simple word of thanks can inspire someone to remain faithful. Thanking others is good for each of us, and it is great news to those who labor over us in Christ!

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