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Sharing One Another's Burdens

On March 28, 2014

Do you find yourself questioning your church’s perspective on gender? Are you often the one to initiate dialogue with family or friends regarding what the Bible says about women’s positions in the church and home? Do you feel alone on your egalitarian journey?

At CBE we continually hear from people with very few others in their life who share their egalitarian views. They write to us from all over the world asking for prayer, fellowship and guidance on how to challenge their church leadership. They are often discouraged and long for someone to walk beside them. They turn to CBE for help. What sort of help do we provide?

We pray daily for these people! We encourage them to become active in our online community - The CBE Scroll. We suggest that they consider joining CBE in order to receive our journals and discounts at our bookstore and conferences. CBE conferences are great places to connect with like-minded believers (This is one of the reasons we hold conferences every year!) We also help CBE members connect with a local CBE chapter or work with CBE members in their area to start a chapter.

Join us in praying for those who feel alone! And, consider contributing to CBE’s conference scholarship fund, so that we can help bring students and those living on a low income to our conference this summer where they will discover that they are far from alone!

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Barring women from using their God-given talents is an injustice that diminishes the gospel and its impact in the world. CBE International works to inspire and mobilize Christians with the Bible’s call for women and men to co-lead and co-serve as equals.

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