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Making Biblical Decisions

On December 05, 2007

Recently a CBE member sent me a note reminding me of the consequences of coming to the right conclusions regarding women’s service in the church. He said:

When I stand before Jesus, if I were to learn that 'they' were right and 'we' were wrong, I’d much rather have to explain equipping and encouraging my sisters in Christ than be required to defend why so many never heard the gospel because I preserved a presumed purity of gender roles. Even writing that brings new meaning to gagging at gnats while swallowing camels.

His words remind us that there are significant consequences resulting from the position we take on women’s kingdom-service. This is why CBE will host a symposium this summer on missions and gender in Toronto. We recognize the importance of coming to a biblical decision regarding women’s gifts and missions.

Friends, we need your help to support the critical work of CBE. More than ever, we need your prayer and also your financial support. Please consider a generous year-end donation to help us host our gender and missions conference in Toronto, and for web improvements—two of our most pressing financial concerns. You can make a donation online here.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and partnership with CBE.


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Barring women from using their God-given talents is an injustice that diminishes the gospel and its impact in the world. CBE International works to inspire and mobilize Christians with the Bible’s call for women and men to co-lead and co-serve as equals.

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