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"If They Keep Quiet, the Stones Will Cry Out"

On March 24, 2014

Did you realize that evangelical Christians of the late 1800s were more vocal in their biblical support of women’s Christian service than many are today? If you’ve read Janette Hassey’s No Time for Silence, you will not be surprised by this. Hassey, herself a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, was astonished to discover that her own college had archived many examples of women’s leadership on the foreign mission field.

I, too, have made similar discoveries. Whenever I am asked to speak at a Christian college, I often prepare by visiting their archives or by learning more about their founders to discover if they supported females on the missionary field. Most Bible institutes were developed to train men and women for missionary work! What’s more, women outnumbered men two to one in the largest missionary impulse the world had ever known. Because of their efforts, the center of the Christian faith actually shifted to outside the West for the first time in history. Women missionaries not only preached and taught men in foreign countries, but they also trained them! I wonder what these schools would say today after a thorough look at their own archives--which are filled with examples of women they trained as preachers. And, these women changed the world through their leadership!

You may be asking the same question others have asked—did these women obey God by bringing the Good News to men? Did their work to teach and train others, including men, bring lasting fruit to Christ? As Janette Hassey observed in her important book, you cannot obey God and disobey Scripture with the same action. Scripture, as Catherine Booth observed, does not restrain women, but urges them onward. These women obeyed God, and the fruit of their labor reflect this fact!

Friends, the stones are crying out! Will we join them?

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