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Give To The Max Day!

On November 14, 2012

As the president of Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE), I often hear from individuals who are thankful to CBE for strengthening their marriages, ministries, and relationships with God. They are grateful that Christian faith does not support a second class status for females. That is why I am writing to you.

Thursday, November 15 is Give to the Max Day (GTMD) for nonprofits in Minnesota, where CBE’s office is located. Anyone who donates to CBE through our profile at on this day enters CBE in a drawing to receive an extra $10,000! You can also help CBE to receive another $12,500 in a competition against other medium-sized nonprofits in Minnesota. Here’s how the incentives work:

• Grand Prizes: The top ten nonprofits to raise the most money will receive prize grants. Last year, CBE came in 7th place and received an extra $5,000 grant! This year, help us be in the top three.

• Galatians 3:28 Giving Bursts: Every hour, GiveMN will draw the name of someone who donated during that hour. If they draw your name because you gave to CBE, we will receive an extra $1,000 grant! At 11:59 pm, GiveMN will draw a name from everyone who gave on GTMD for a $10,000 grant! To increase CBE’s chances of winning, CBE is asking people to make their gifts at 3:28 am and at 3:28 pm CST on Thursday, November 15. Will you join us?

• Marathon for Mutual Service: Some CBE members have committed to give $10 once each hour for 12 hours. This will increase CBE's chances to win a Grand Prize, and also increase our chances of receiving an extra $1,000 in an hourly drawing. Could you join us in this marathon? If 12 hours seems like too long for you, would you give $25 every hour for 4 hours?

• Matching Grants: Various organizations and individuals are offering to match funds donated to CBE on November 15 so that when individuals give on this day, their donations will be worth even more than the amount of their gifts. CBE currently has over $20,000 available in matching funds and this number is growing. The final matching grant pool will be posted on CBE’s website and on CBE’s GiveMN profile.

• Scheduled Donations: If you will not have access to the internet on November 15, you can still help CBE take advantage of the Give to the Max Day incentives. Simply visit CBE’s GiveMN profile and you will see options to make a donation or schedule one for Give to the Max Day. Scheduled donations will be charged to your credit or debit card at 12:00 am on November 15.

In 2010, CBE raised over $24,000 on Give to the Max Day. In 2011, the total was over $38,000, plus an extra $5,000 prize grant. CBE’s goal in 2012 is to raise $50,000.

Will you set up a reminder for Thursday, November 15 to log on to and give to CBE at I would be grateful for a gift of any size.

Thanks for remembering CBE on Thursday, November 15!

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