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On March 23, 2006

Every organization says they want feedback. It helps the leadership to finetune its knowledge of what the members want and may even uncover the next new thing or important next development. Members in organizations like knowing what their colleagues are thinking and experiencing and such communication helps them to develop professionally and may even change opinions.

Sometimes communication may bring us up short. Sometimes we may learn more from feedback than we really want to know. Certainly hearing each other's stories and what we're thinking is a good thing, but there is a risk that our pat ideas may get challenged.

Blogs are a particularly good tool for giving and getting opinion, but like other technologies, it has its side effects. Email, for example, speeded up letter writing, but it also made written communication more informal. Blogs may have made it possible to more easily receive feedback, but it also made it possible to put what was once private, rudimentary thoughts out into the public sphere. Therefore, organizations that offer blog communication must get used to the idea that the free-wheeling world of blogdom lies in the strengths of its immediate, embryonic and incomplete nature. So blogs do not fill the role of "public relations tool" as well as paper publications and web sites. That's why it is great to see structured point-of-view organizations like CBE take on the risk of having its own blog.

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