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A Cup of Cold Water

On March 31, 2014

While addressing economic and structural injustices has always been a part of the Christian tradition, this movement today is gaining prominence in the hearts and minds of believers. As our perspective as Christians is becoming more global the ability of people of faith to work against injustice has exploded. It is encouraging and humbling to read the stories of God’s people at work around the world.

Egalitarians today share a love for Scripture, evangelism, and social action—three qualities that characterized the early evangelical movement. Josephine Butler, who worked beside Katharine Bushnell in confronting the abuse of women in India, encouraged Bushnell to use her vast understanding of Scripture to show Christians that the God of Scripture compels each us to free the captives, in the name of Jesus. Whether planting churches or digging a well, the work of justice takes many forms. Any time we address a physical, emotional, or spiritual oppression, we are doing the work of justice. Indeed these types of oppression are often related and intertwined.

Let’s celebrate the work of the Church as it puts faith into action. But as we give people a drink, let us not forget to ask why they are thirsty.

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