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Christ is Risen!

On March 19, 2008

"Great is the Company of Women Who Proclaim the Glad Tidings!" (Psalm 68:11).

Have you ever been so discouraged you wondered if God had abandoned you? Have your problems ever mounted so quickly that you questioned God’s faithfulness and power to save you? I imagine Christ’s disciples must have felt that way as they watched the Romans crucify Jesus. How confusing it must have been to watch Christ walk on water; turn water into wine, heal the ill, and also die a criminal’s death. Consider how difficult it must have been for Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother James to bring the spices to Christ’s tomb, resigned to say farewell to their beloved teacher—the man they thought was the Messiah.

Can you visualize how unprepared these women must have been to arrive at the tomb that Easter morning to find the stone rolled away, the tomb empty, and the body of Jesus missing? Anticipating a quiet and lifeless tomb, ponder their surprise as they encountered two men clothed in gleaming light! Scripture says these women bowed their faces in fear, only to hear some of the most important words in all of Scripture, “He is not here; he has risen!” The angels instruct them to go tell others the glad tidings—that sin and death have been overcome! Their fear and disappointment was transformed into courage and faithfulness! And they were unstoppable.

Just like that first Easter morning, women, who love Jesus and who know that God loves them, cannot do otherwise. They must share the good news, and mighty is the company of women who have and will forever more preach, write, and teach others the gospel story. Christ has risen. Christ has overcome sin on our behalf! Christ has set us free!

I pray your Easter will be filled with Christ’s power and love. I also pray you will join CBE in releasing women as the angels released the two Mary’s on Easter morning. As CBE founder once said, we are on the side of the angels! We encourage the whole church regardless of gender to take the whole gospel to the whole world! Will you join us?!!

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