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Certain of Our Hope

On March 31, 2014

Anne Lamott suggests that hope is stubborn. It shows up and impels us to do the right thing, believing that as we “wait and watch and work,” dawn will come! This image captures the struggle of working for biblical equality. Each day, each conversation, we stubbornly work and wait for God’s dawn to rise. At the CBE office, we work on old and unreliable equipment; we sit on chairs and desks pulled out of the trash; and we pray our copier will last another month. The stories we hear from the CBE community remind me that this struggle takes place daily in classrooms, jobs, homes, and human hearts. Yet, we remain tenacious. We are stubborn in our dependence upon God.

We risk, being certain of things we cannot see. And God answers our prayers in diverse and exciting ways. Sometimes the answer is a redirection of focus; other times just the right person walks through the door with a vision from the Spirit. It is astounding how often that has happened! I have learned to pray where God is leading and expectantly wait and work, excited about how God will move.

Some days it is hard to believe this is my job! Everyday I wake up to an adventure. And even on our dark days, the hope and justice of this cause impels us forward. 

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Barring women from using their God-given talents is an injustice that diminishes the gospel and its impact in the world. CBE International works to inspire and mobilize Christians with the Bible’s call for women and men to co-lead and co-serve as equals.

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