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Celebrating Students and Graduates

On March 31, 2014

As a seminary student at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, I was greatly encouraged by the leadership, mentoring and wisdom of egalitarians such as Cathy Kroeger, Aida and Bill Spencer, Richard Lovelace, Syndey DeWaal, Garth Rosell, and hosts of others. Their support was not only academic, but also pastoral. They helped me see the many opportunities in my life to engage my passion for women in Church history both academically and as a future ministry. They encouraged me to join student council and a number of other student committees. They gave me opportunities to teach Church History and to write for our student publication. And they wrote letters of recommendation that led to my Ph.D. work. I came to see that I loved the academic world, as much as I loved the world of advocacy and activism!

Now, more than 10 years have passed, and the investment these egalitarians made in my life paved the way to my own work today. That is one reason I love working with CBE interns! I feel an obligation to invest in their lives, as others have so generously invested in my life by praying for me and helping me recognize my own gifts and passions, as well as the call of God.

It helps that our interns are bursting with new vision and contagious energy! Their burgeoning talent, passion for Jesus, and undaunted hope for a better tomorrow infuse new life and ideas into our ministry. Together, let’s celebrate their valuable contributions and work to invest in them as so many godly men and women invested in me. Will you consider making a donation to CBE to support our interns and provide our students with much-needed resources?

We hope you will come by and visit us this summer, to have lunch with us, and to meet our CBE interns. And please remember all of our students in your prayers!

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