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Celebrating the Next Generation of CBE Leaders

On March 31, 2014

As a result of CBE’s booth at the Bethel University Career Fair, and through recommendations of past CBE interns, we have received an exciting number of intern applications this week. I only wish you could meet these students! It seems that God is bringing just the talents and skill we need. We are energized not only by the prominent gifts they bring to the ministry, but also by their vision for biblical equality and justice! We are excited to see their humility, intellect, and joy enact much needed change to this world. At a time when our nation mourns the loss of so many beautiful young people in Virginia, let us treasure the opportunity we have to empower those students who come eager to serve, bringing courage and new life to us all.

We also learned of another Christian university interested in giving their students academic credit for attending our conference this summer in Colorado. Because there are many Ph.D.s leading workshops and general sessions, and we offer a reduced conference rate to full-time students, academic institutions recognize the unique learning opportunity available at CBE international conferences.

If you are a student, and would like to attend our Colorado conference, we have many ways of making this financially feasible for you. We are currently accepting conference scholarship applications. Contact us today!

Everyday more people learn about equality because of the work each individual does in their community. Whether you are a new friend of CBE or have been with us all along, we are excited to work with you on this great mission.

May Christ continue to rejuvenate us and make us more faithful!

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