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The ‘Male Mind’

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On January 18, 2013

I was following a link from another Christian website and came across the offer of a course for women which is written and taught by a man. Among other objectionable statements was one which says women can (and should) ‘get into and understand’ the male mind!  If I was a guy, I would be offended by that suggestion that men have a particular type of mind and that women need to understand it in order to have a satisfying relationship. Of course, as a woman, I find this whole concept annoying when I read that the reason men ‘stray’ is because their women don’t understand how their minds work about relationships. So many of these courses, books and teachings put the ultimate responsibility on women to know how to pander to the men in their lives. Women who try to fulfil these expectations are constantly disappointed and try even harder at pleasing their partner.

In a close relationship, there is only one man and one woman and it can take a lifetime to get to know each other and appreciate each other fully. This is part of the adventure of marriage and if both honour and respect the other they have a world of discovery ahead.

Would be interested to hear others’ responses to this – maybe you have come across this particular site which I won’t name as I don’t like to introduce such concepts to readers. Of course there is no biblical backing for talking of a ‘male mind’ (or a ‘female one’ ) but teachings like this have a huge following. I wonder why ?

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