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July 13, 2017 - July 15, 2017
CBE will have a booth at the 31st annual Christian Connections for International Health (CCIH) conference. The theme of the conference is Strengthening Global Health: Faith at the Center. In the midst of every global health crisis, we are called to minister to those around us. This conference will explore how our Christian faith guides our work, and address such questions as: What is our role as Christians in ensuring all people have access to community-based care and preventive services, especially marginalized communities? What programs have we launched that protect and empower women and children and strengthen families? How do we sustain and strengthen evidence-based and people-centered health systems?...
July 21, 2017 - July 23, 2017
On July 21-23, 2017, Christians from around the world will gather in Orlando, Florida, for CBE's 2017 conference, “Mutual by Design: Building God’s Church Together.” Across the globe, women and girls suffer oppression because they are considered less valuable than men. CBE's international conference, "Mutual by Design" will proclaim a better way, promoting a biblical view of gender and Christian leadership and showing how the family of God is to function in a community that places no gender-based limits on Christian service. “Mutual by Design” is a great opportunity to learn from and connect with leading scholars, pastors, activists, and NGO leaders from around the world who promote the biblical vision of women and men co-leading and co-ser...
July 21, 2017 - July 23, 2017
Group Rates  If you are registering for 3 or more people, please select a quantity from the chart below.  Groups of 3 ($215 each) Click here to register. Groups of 4 ($215 each) Click here to register. Groups of 5 ($200 each) Click here to register. Groups of 6 ($200 each) Click here to register. Groups of 7 ($185 each) Click here to register. Groups of 8 ($185 each) Click here to register. Groups of 9 ($170 each) Click here to register. Groups of 10 ($170 each) Click here to register. Groups of mo...
July 21, 2017
The apostle Paul has been the most frequently cited authority restricting women from shared leadership not only in ministry but also in marriage and service to the world. Those who rely on Paul in challenging women’s equal voice and agency often overlook not only the many examples of women leaders building the church beside Paul but also his theological emphasis on newness of life in Christ. This workshop at CBE's 2017 international Conference, "Mutual By Design" will show how 1 Timothy 2:11-15 and 1 Corinthians 14: 34-35 are eddies off the stream of Paul’s egalitarian teachings and practices. Learn more about CBE's international Conference in Orlando by visiting our "Mutual by Design" page.
August 10, 2017 - August 11, 2017
CBE will have a booth at the 2017 Global Leadership Summit. The Global Leadership Summit exists to transform Christian leaders around the world with an injection of vision, skill development, and inspiration for the sake of the local church. For more information about the summit, visit the GLS website. 
September 20, 2017 - September 22, 2017
On September 20-22, Ekklesia Foundation for Gender Education will host a three day international conference in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania with faith leaders and delegates from across East Africa on the theme, “Cultivating Oneness in Christ: Biblical Truth about Equality for Women and Men in the Home, Church and Community.” This conference will provide opportunity for faith leaders, students, researchers, faith based project leaders to cultivate basic theological and biblical truth about equality for women and men. It will promote the essence of equal worth, dignity, respect and mutual love for men and women for a gift based leadership and equal participation in decision making in the home, church, and society. This event will explore harmful religious and cultural gender norms t...
November 06, 2017
Dr. Mimi Haddad will travel to Olivet Theological College in November to teach her course, "Women in Church History and Theology," which covers the unique contributions women have made to the church from the first century through the late 20th century. Such advances usually happened despite official impediments to women’s spiritual leadership and active ministry.  The course highlights conflicts women faced raised by doctrine, traditions, and practices of the church and as well as issues of ethnic and racial bias. As the church continues to consider the scope of service and leadership open to women in the church and marriage, this course will explore the significance gender has played in shaping theology, ministry, and Christian life. Readings, class discussion, multi...
November 15, 2017 - November 17, 2017
CBE will host a booth and a bookstore at the Evangelical Theological Society's 69th Annual Meeting, held November 15-17, 2017. The meeting will be located at the Rhode Island Convention Center and the Omni Providence Hotel, in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.  In addition to CBE's booth and bookstore, CBE president Dr. Mimi Haddad will be presenting a paper on the work of Katherine Bushnell at the event. You can find more details on Dr. Haddad's paper here.  For more information on the Evangelical Theolical Societies annual meeting, please visit their website. 
November 15, 2017
The Evangelical Theological Society's 69th annual meeting will be held November 15-17, 2017, in Providence, Rhode Island. The theme of the conference will be "The Heritage of the Reformation." Dr. Mimi Haddad will present her paper "A Trail of Translation Error: How Katharine Bushnell Challenged Distorted Bible Translations" as a workshop at the event. A medical missionary and social activist, Dr. Katharine Bushnell (1855-1946) was one of the youngest women to become a medical doctor and missionary serving first in China and later with the Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) where she headed the social purity program. Her work with the WCTU involved exposing the plight of trafficked girls and women imprisoned in brothels in the United States and India....