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In my last article, "4 Sexist Myths That The Church Should Reject," I did my best to dismantle four sexist myths that have caused significant pain and division in the church. I wasn’t going to add to my list, but after many of you responded with sexist cultural myths of your own, I could see that another list was in the works—with me or without me. So, here goes, people. 1. Men Don’t Need to Express Emotion I touched on this one in my last list, but it deserves more attention. Men are not incapable of emotional expression. I will say it again and pray it will be a balm on the wounded hearts of men who long to express emotion, to be vulnerable in a safe space, but have found none. Men are not emotionally unavailable. But, they live in a world that tell... Read more
Earlier this month, Rachel Asproth wrote an excellent article entitled, “Women Who Want: A Reflection on the World Cup.” In it, she discussed another article that appeared recently in the Huffington Post by Autumn Whitefield-Madrano. Below is a quote from the original article, “The Beauty in Watching Women Want”: “What moves me is the players' faces, and watching women want. It's not hard to find images of women in the public act of doing beyond what's been allotted by tired stereotypes. We see women legislating, creating, speaking, protesting—images that weren't available just a couple of generations ago. But we still don't often see women in the act of wanting. And we need to see this, because when you... Read more
We’ve all heard them. Stupid jokes and thoughtless comments. Sexist sayings and caricatures. From the pulpit, at the altar, in school, from boyfriends, girlfriends, teachers, parents, and friends. People pass off myths as facts and case-by-case examples as universal truth. Women are like this and men are like that. Women are obnoxious. Men are arrogant. Women are needy and men are emotionally unavailable. These statements are infused with cultural and gendered assumptions. They have no basis in the gospel and what’s more—they are rooted heavily in socialization. And yet, despite Christians’ pledge to reject unhealthy and sinful cultural messages, these painful and divisive gender jokes and ideologies have infiltrated the church. 1. Men Are Bad Parents This one... Read more