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No one Ever Told me in Seminary Women oversaw ecclesial jurisdictions  In England, Poland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Austria and Spain   No one Ever Told me in Seminary About Harriet Livermore Who preached to Congress in 1827 With President John Quincy Adams sitting on the steps   No one Ever Told me in Seminary Hundreds of women evangelists in the 1800s Preached in churches, fields, forests and school houses across the United States   No one Ever Told me in Seminary Women were ordained for over 1,000 years In the Early Middle Ages   No one Ever Told me in Seminary Women preachers were the first women to speak publicly To mixed audiences of Men and women in the United States   No one Ever... Read more
Hey Scroll Readers, Commenting on The CBE Scroll is now easier than ever! We’ve officially upgraded our comment features on our website, so now you can comment without having to make an account on CBE’s website. The new comment functionality is also much more user-friendly and we’ve made it easier to share with family and friends on social media. We understand that upgrading features can be confusing. For a general overview of some of the features and how to use the new system, click here. We hope you will continue to join in discussing the movement for biblical equality and continue to have enriching and engaging dialogue through this new feature! Read more
Who made me into the advocate for women that I am today, writing these blogposts for Christians for Biblical Equality? I’ve sometimes given credit to strangers who catcalled me, or middle school boys who bullied me for being too smart. These experiences made me empathize with the mistreatment of other girls and women. But the truth is, I wouldn’t have been upset by this if the vast majority of men and women in my life hadn’t convinced me that I was worthy of equal treatment. I wouldn’t be an intelligent and compassionate spokesperson but for so many great men in my life. Today, I want to thank them. They really deserve the credit for developing me as a leader. Some fathers leave their kids or love their work more. But some fathers, like my dad, say “I... Read more